A merry musical romp through the shimmering oasis that is Launceston. And a drum roll to Mona Foma’s triumphant return to Launnie come January 2020.

This time around, the Mofo Sessions return with monthly(ish) pop-up performances and guerrilla gigs around the city, in partnership with local venues and arts organisations.

What you can expect: local artists and musicians galore, of course, plus musical collaborations of flair and oddity; visiting, sessionable mofos from near and far; spontaneous opportunities to eat and drink (aka there will sometimes be a bar); and bonhomie / good old-fashioned community spirit in spades.

Previous Sessions

  1. Akouo
  2. Emily Sanzaro
  3. Mystery Session
  4. Brian Ritchie + Yyan Ng
  5. Alex South + Ros Dunlop + the Tasmanian Clarinet Quartet
  6. Jason Whatley Quintet
  7. Sackbuts and Bones
  8. Spike Mason
  9. Isaac Gee
  10. Mystery Session
  11. Tannery Lite
  12. Coda Chroma
  13. Blind Date
  14. Shotgun Wedding 'Race to the Bottom': Tim Jones & Peter Waddle
  15. Django's Tiger
  16. Ron Nagorcka & Dan Robinson
  17. Denni Sulzberger
  18. EnSo
  19. IO Performance
  20. The Bad Dad Orchestra
  21. Martin Ng (Australian Art Orchestra)
  22. Dan Sheehan (Australian Art Orchestra)
  23. October Mofo Session: Rooftop edition
  24. Synthesis
  25. Grace and Ian Chia + Cotton Pony
  27. The New Holland Honeyeaters + Montz Matsumoto and Paddy Montgomery
  28. Runaway Belles + HipHop MessedUp Trio
  29. Philomath + the Toilet Brushes

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